Swing Knights Membership

Club Membership for Spring 2017:

While it is not required to enjoy the many events that Swing Knights offers, Swing Knights Membership is available to students who wish to take lessons and get involved with the best dance club on campus. Our $40 Club Membership gives you access into every weekly beginner lesson held at UCF (an $80 value) and also at our Friday Night dances.

What are all the benefits you get from becoming a member?

➢ All progressive beginner lessons for the semester.
➢ Free entry into your first three Friday night swing dances.
➢ Free beginner lesson before each Friday dance.
➢ Volunteer opportunities that earn cool rewards.
➢ Discount entry to the Whirl n Twirl swing dance.
➢ Voting in elections and club matters.

Note: Prices/fees are not final and we are willing to work with students individually regarding lessons, membership, and dances. 
Speak with us at our next lesson to learn more about becoming a member. Membership is only available to students currently enrolled at UCF. 

Non UCF students are welcome to attend lessons and dances each week by paying our standard $5 entry donation.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, you can reach the Swing Knights leadership directly here

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