President: Eusebio Novoa/Sergio

Image credit: Jammin Swing Photography

A second year Psychology/Education hoping to be a highschool psychology teacher, Serg has been dancing for just over a year and has been in love with lindy hop since the first day he walked into lessons. 

Vice President: Matt Clow

Image credit: Wet Orange Studio

Matt Clow has been dancing for roughly five years now. He is currently pursing film as well as degrees in theatre and business. He's always open for a dance, to help out, and give out tips, tricks, and cheat codes. He's currently writing in the third person right now, but don't tell anyone. Rumor is that if you turn off the lights and say his name three times into the mirror while doing an eight count…. You'll probably just run into something.

Treasurer: Shaun Vinnedge

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Shaun, otherwise known as Swing Wings, has been dancing since January 2016. He loved the dance from day 1, and decided to get as involved as possible. His main methods of communication are puns and sarcasm.

Technical Secretary: Charles Maloney

Image credit: Jammin Swing Photography

Charles Maloney is a third year Mechanical Engineering student at UCF, and has been dancing since the spring of 2016. He is most known for playing Dungeons and Dragons, and having a truck. If you are at a dance, and hear someone cursing at audio equiptment, it is most likely Charles hard at work.

Events Coordinator: Allison May Cruz

Image credit: IM Photography

Allison May is a senior studying Social Work. When she's not studying, working, or swing dancing, she enjoys making music, reading, writing, and Filipino cultural dancing! She started learning lindy hop at the beginning of 2016, but she has quickly developed a passion for it and loves to learn more. She's constantly running around, but make sure to ask her to dance!

Public Relations: Melanie Vanderford

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Melanie may or may not be a dragon in disguise. No one has ever seen her or a dragon in the same room, so the jury is still out on this one. Approach with caution.

Previous Officers

This is a list of previous officers that have served their full term:

  • Kitzzy Aviles
  • Jason Buckner
  • Jennifer Elder
  • Melissa Zirini
  • Elisha Pfeffer-Nixon
  • Leida Velez
  • Christine Abrams
  • Adam Kazmerick
  • Katie Grablow-Brown
  • Meaghan Dominy
  • Seth Grablow
  • Mike Weinbaum
  • Matt Rex
  • Chris Telson
  • Melinda Pratt
  • Brantt Wilkinson
  • Katie Wollam
  • Kim Maynard
  • Michael Register
  • Christian Mendoza
  • Philip Marraccini
  • Cat Mobley
  • Albert Mak
  • Megan Powers
  • Natalie Hanna
  • Austin Flores
  • Becky Smith
  • Sheila Suarez
  • Kyle Ruggieri
  • Allison Milliner
  • Tim Korkuc
  • YoungWoo Joh
  • Ashley McKibben
  • Katie Lee
  • Lacy Ward
  • Tom Carroll
  • Reg Arvidson
  • John Constantine
  • Danielle Milanese
  • Kat Hancock
  • Sarah Sheehan
  • Samantha Nelson
  • Lindsay Kelly
  • Leian Michelle
  • Aaron Seals
  • Jason Gosch
  • Katie Dye
  • Will Lai
  • John Poulard
  • Destinee Cushing
  • Ben Keene
  • Amber O’Dell
  • Tori Cushing
  • Alyssa Marinello
  • Haley Anderson
  • Shannon O'Rourke
  • Jen Prichard
  • Amber Hance
  • Kyle Killough

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