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Welcome to Swing Knights!

  Swing Knights is a student organization at UCF dedicated to teaching and spreading awareness of Swing Dancing in Orlando, Florida. We provide various levels of Lindy Hop lessons from National-Level Instructors each semester for both UCF students and dancers in the community to enjoy, as well as host a weekly swing dance on Friday nights. Come and join us at our events and experience how great it is to be a Swing Knight!

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Latest Announcement:

Important Change for Spring 2016 Lessons

Hey Swing Knights! In a big change of events, our lesson times have been rescheduled for 9pm til 11pm on Wednesdays, meaning our first lesson of the semester tonight will be at 9pm, not 7pm. We hope this change doesn't affect your decision to join us at our lessons this semester. If this change does affect you, we are more than willing to work with you to make up for the inconvenience if you are still able to make it out to lessons. Thanks and see you all tonight!!

-Swing Knights administration